Kaspar Schmidt Mumm was born in Göttingen in 1990 and lived in Germany for the first ten years of his life. His family has migrated for three generations moving between India, Pakistan, Colombia, Canada, Germany and finally South Australia. Currently studying a Masters at the Universität Der Künste: Berlin - Institut Für Kunst Im Kontext. Focused on contemporary art in a social context.

The artist uses art as a pedagogic tool for constituency in world building. Speculating history, to create self determined worlds with anyone game enough to play.  Using large scale puppetry, live music, costume and performance he creates systems for intersectionality. Facilitating communities with the social tools for public dialogue; such as decorating a car as a crocodile and driving it across a crocodile infested river to gather students for school in remote Australia.

With recent shows at Dark Mofo, Substation, Adelaide Contemporary Experimental, Deutsches Theater and Womadelaide

Current Works: Slowmango, The Bait Fridge, Paper Mache and IMEMI