Kaspar was born in Göttingen in 1990 and lived in Germany for the first ten years of his life. Kaspar has a Pakistani/Indian, Colombian and Canadian migratory history and has lived in South Australia for the majority of his life. Kaspar’s mother, an artist, uses art as a pedagogic tool for rehabilitation in hospitals and community centres. It is her ability to engage in extremely complex human relationships which has informed the foundation of Kaspar’s contemporary arts practice.

Today, the artist is a founder of performance art company The Bait Fridge and is lead vocalist of the band Slowmango, with recent performances at Dark Mofo, The Substation and Darwin Festival. Using large scale puppetry, live music, costume, painting and performance Kaspar creates systems for intersectionality through contemporary art and pedagogy.

The artist’s current practice explores post colonial narratives and object oriented ontology, for instance; creating a 2.5m tall Australian White Ibis costume and performing with it in the streets to shed light on the bird’s loss of habitat and recent domestication. Kaspar is currently studying a Masters at the Universität Der Künste: Berlin - Kunst Im Kontext and will present a keynote Solo exhibition at Adelaide Contemporary Experimental as part of the Porter Street Commission in June 2023.

Current Works: Slowmango, The Bait Fridge, Paper Mache and IMEMI