I have worked with paper all my life totally unaware of the historical, cultural and environmental value of the medium. Paper is overlooked by society because of how common it has become. It is an ancient material that - before plastic came into existence - was used to make anything from books, clothing, furniture, bombs and even small villages. With this project, I’m Exploring papermaking as a medium for both 2D and 3D use.

My initial interest in Paper sparked out of my want to recycle history into new forms. I thought to recreate books, prints and documents that were dissused or politically incorect into new books, artworks and sculptures. Using the materials of our historical archives as the exact substance to create new ideas.

The medium can be mixed with paints, glues and other materials to give interesting textural and colourful effects. Sculpting, painting and moulding are all possible with paper pulp. It is an extremely versatile and environmentally friendly medium. Non toxic and completely recycled.

My Process:

1. Paper is collected from recycling bins. (Architecture Firms, Printers, Schools, Office Buildings, etc)

2. Shredded, cooked in a pot and blended with a Retrofitted Drill Press Blender.

3. Paper Slurry pressed in a Basket Press and is dried in the sun.

4. Dried Paper Fibre is reconstituted with glue and/or colour.

5. This material can be used to render objects, moulded into sheets, splattered on walls, etc.

6. The objects are pressed, dried for several days/weeks, polished and finished.


Photography By Emmaline Zanelli