Parcel - Exhibition at SODA Objects 

An exhibition of new furniture made almost completely from paper waste sees contemporary artist, maker and musician Kaspar Schmidt Mumm spectacularly turn trash into treasure.

Parcel, award-nominated SALA exhibition, is the result of Kaspar’s deep dive into creating new forms from recycled paper. The artist collected paper waste from bins and dumpsters to create 40 original furniture pieces – including lounge chairs, stools, tables and poufs – from recycled paper.

Kaspar says: “Before plastic, everything was paper: clothing, packaging, furniture, even small towns. If we are to revert to using materials that are less taxing on the environment, why not look to our own history.” 

“Culturally, building out of paper is a Persian artform, my mother was born in northern India/Pakistan (before colonisers stirred up a civil war) and global paper-making practices are tied to that place; its ancient roots are in India and Persia and were adopted by the French [papier-mâché]. When I make art with paper, I always think to myself: this is what my ancestors were doing.”