“An unidentified community living in the cracks of society are filling their fissure with a new cultural identity.”   

IMEMI is a reaction to societal ideas of multiculturalism. Concerned that tradition is falling through the cracks created by globalisation; we are manifesting cultural liberation through the invention of hybrid traditions. By appropriating the visual language of high-art and anthropology, IMMI are interrogating the boundaries of cultural legitimacy.

Since undergoing a mentorship with John Carty (Head Anthropologist at The Museum of South Austrlia) in 2017, our collective has been developing a production to explore the role of binaries in tokenising cultural baggage. By highlighting parallels between recognisable cultural practices - for example; that Eucharist breaking of bread mirrors the border security screening in airports - we blur the rigid borders of ritual and protocol.

“Culture is solidified by thousands of years of tradition, but is born through smaller intuitive accidents and interpretations.”

Collective art making builds the foundations of IMMI’s folklore. We have hosted ‘pass the parcel’ performances with large puppets, baked 60 bread masks for our audience, hosted workshops for children to create public artwork and community dinners to collect data for our performances. All of these activities build upon the growing world that we create. 

Project List:


Kaspar Schmidt Mumm  - Producer, Director, Writer

Adrian Schmidt Mumm - Sound/Lighting Production, Instrument Construction & Performance

Emmaline Zanelli - Photography, Set & Costume Design

Ben Sargent - Sound Engineer, Instrument Construction & Performance

Dominic Symes - Literary Advisor, Writer, Poet

Mat Morison - Language Development, Writing & Performance

Koruna Schmidt Mumm - Visual Artist and Conceptual Advisor

Andreas Schmidt Mumm - Conceptual Advisor

Liam Bosecke - Animator

Johanis Lyons-Reid - Videography

Damon Satanek - Musical Performer

Declan Casley-Smith - Musical Performer

Jo Curry - Physical Theatre Performer

Claire Markwick-Smith - Virtual Set Design

James Brown IV - Catalogue Design

Tammy Hoimes - Admin, Treasury
Mickey Masonite - Videography

Andy Nowell - Bread Mask Creator

Banjo Weatherall - Bread Mask Creator

Ivy Weatherall - Bread Mask Creator

Mickey Masonite - Videography

Jerome Williams - Cinematography

Joanna Kitto - Curatorial Writing & Conceptual Advisor

Rayleen Forester - Curatorial Writing

Dillon Mueller - Musical Performance

Sia Duff - Event Photography

Karlien Frankie-May - Performance

Tom McCammon - Performance

Drew Abrahamson - Set Construction

John Carty - Conceptual Advisor, Guest Speaker

Jamie Goldsmith - Welcome to country

Stephen Goldsmith - Welcome to country

Darren O’Donnell - Conceptual Advisor

Special Thanks
Seventh Gallery, Guild House, Arts S.A, Henry Jock Walker, Henley and Grange Art Society Participants, PomPom Participants, Adelaide City Council Participants, Renewal S.A, Adelaide City Council, Floating Goose, Ergo Apartment Residents, Adelaide Festival Centre, Sunny’s Pizza, Alpha Box & Dice, The Mammalian Diving Reflex