IMEMI - Bundoora Homestead ‘Multiverse’ and Seventh Gallery ‘Rockamora’

We presented two shows in melbourne, both with giant blue heads. Both performances had dialogue that used the binary of Blue and Orange to analogise the binaries that run our society. I.e Race, Gender, Politics, etc

Seventh Gallery Exhibition ‘Rockamora’ 2020

Rockamora is the name of my mother’s primary school bully. Emmaline Zanelli, Drew Abrahamson and I built the sculpture as a permanent installation in Seventh Gallery. The exhibition opened with a performance of ‘Pass The Parcel‘ of cultural baggage and feed the layers to the puppet. Between each layer was a packet of popcorn that the performer would put in the microwave and give out to the audience. 

Alex Walker from Sick Leave resonded to the work with this poem.

Bundoora Homestead Group Exhibition ‘Multiverse’ 2021

Exhibition Website

As a result of our exhibition, Charlotte Christie curated our work into a group show at Bundoora homestead in the following year. The show was titled ‘Multiverse’ and featured a range of artists including: Xanthe Dobbie, Benji Ra & Justin Shoulder, Diego Ramirez and Kaylene Whiskey. 

As a result of covid, we could no longer perform ‘Pass The Parcel’ and the gallery was not suitable for permanent installation of artwork. So we re-wrote the performance and built a stand alone upholstered steel and wood sculpture. 

The performance featured music by Ben Sargent and assistance from Drew Abrahamson. Rockamora spat out a MEM with a large orange ball of dough, which i preceded to knead for the remainder of the evening.