IMEMI Folklore

One of the major parts of developing this work is asking the community to contribute, and thereby discuss cultural plurality. We have hosted several events where participants have offered artwork, data, stories and more to our ever growing lore. 

The video on the right was made with Kobe at the Adelaide City Library. We had one two hour session to create a short video, this is what we came up with. 

Bellow are a few more projects including: A ‘bring a plate’ dinner party with professional food photography and data collection; art centre drawing class to create pubic artworks and; mask making. 

Project 1: Henley & Grange Art Society Public Artwork

In 2017 I hosted a workshop with a group of children at H.A.G.A.S. I asked the group to help me make drawings that I would enlargen and attach to the outside of the building. This was the result: 

Project 2: Art Works Residency with Guildhouse

Our two month residency culminated in two events. The first event was a pot luck dinner where people living in the surrounding buildings were invited to bring a plate of food. We hired Emmaline Zanelli to take professional photographs of the platters as an artwork. 

As a mode of data collection for our future project and a point of discussion, I handed out forms that asked people to define what the most important parts of their cultural identity were. The form brought about incredible discussions and stories. 

Rayleen Forester (Fine Print Magazine) Responded to our residency with this essay.