A chaos of raw action, colour, costume and community creates the nucleus for the ever transforming realm of The Bait Fridge. The manipulators of this hyper colourful landscape are bound to no laws, except to keep evolving the space visually, socially and sonically. If the environment is not constantly in will die.

The Bait Fridge is a twenty piece street performance and music ensemble. We began our practice in 2015 and have since progressed to form an organisation/corporation. We recycle the materials and ideas from an entire arts community into a single cannon of artists. The entire process is driven by resourcefulness, improvisation and an ongoing desire to connect and collate our work in one place.

Our most frequent work revolves around workshop based community development and public performance. We enter; regional towns, festivals, galleries, etc and conduct workshops to design, build and practise performance. People bring their materials and ideas to create a public performance. For them, by them.