Gunbalanya  Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia

In the Dry Season of the Northern Territory, a group of us travelled to Darwin to begin our conversation with the Gunbalanya community in Arnhem Land. Our first trip was to both perform at The Railway Club with Slowmango for Darwin Festival; and afterwards head to Gunbalanya for two nights to meet the community before our longer residency. Luckily, we arrived on the evening before the first day of school.  In Gunbalanya, the school organises a parade through the town to pick up all the students. We decided to build a float to enhance the spectacle and so we went to work collecting materials to create a Crocodile Car. It was later featured on ABC News with national coverage.

A few weeks later we returned to the community and stayed for ten days. During that time we held multiple workshops in: Screen Printing, Sound Recording, Film, Paper Making, Painting and more. One of the greatest outcomes was the ‘Hi Animals, How’s It Going’ video. Working with the children, elders and local animals, we created a short film to encourage the use of local language Kunwinjku (Gunwinggu or Gunwinjgu). 


The Bait Fridge:
Daria Kholjanin 
Emmaline Zanelli 
Mat Morison
Adrian Schmidt Mumm
Henry Jock Walker 
Kaspar Schmidt Mumm

Adjumarllarl Aboriginal CorporationInjalak Arts Centre:
Jack Hodges
(Primary Facilitator & Community Officer for Adjumarllarl Aboriginal Corporation)
Namarnyilk Tarisha Blitner
(Community Officer for Adjumarllarl Aboriginal Corporation)
Jayden Wurrkgidj
(Community Officer for Adjumarllarl Aboriginal Corporation)
Gordon Anderson
Shaun Namarnyilk
(Community Officer for Adjumarllarl Aboriginal Corporation & Artist)
Andrew Maralngurra
(Community Officer for Adjumarllarl Aboriginal Corporation & Musician)
Hayley Brinjin (Artist)
Short Film:

ABC News Coverage: