ROCKAMORA is a site specific installation that builds on Schmidt Mumm’s fascination with participatory sculpture. Sunken into the gallery floor, ROCKAMORA is a thug taking a bath at Adelaide Contemporary Experimental. With a welcoming spirit ROCKAMORA encourages play and participation, asking guests to kindly tend to Rockamora’s Creature Comforts. 

How do we confront a powerful antagonist? By feeding, cleaning, playing and caring for them. Rather than seeing Rockamora as an enemy to be defeated, we are asked to recognise them as damaged and in need of repair.

Investigating the nuances of humanity and the act of healing, ROCKAMORA welcomes audiences to partake in restorative processes. Through social engagement this project speaks to how we approach discrimination and oppression through care. Offering our compassion does not mean condoning or accepting their oppressive behaviour. Rather it recognises the problems faced and offers a solution.

ROCKAMORA suggests that through the communal sharing of resources and skills we can tell stories of our collective future. Rockamora has some serious issues, heal them and we can change the systems that provoke their oppressive behaviour. Heal the thug and understand the true power of benevolence in building a just society.

Project List:

Timelapse of the build.

Rayleen Forester
‘s (ACE’s Assistant Curator) daughter Ramona is two years old. She speaks five words. One of them is now ROCKA. Through this video, she’s collaborated on her first trap beat.